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Tablets for Oral Contraception

PCPdirect  online service for tablets for oral contraception

This service has been developed for use by women only.

Who can use this service?

The service is available to women only who are already taking oral contraceptives and are looking to purchase an additional pack. Women using this service must be over 18 years. Overseas purchasers may be restricted by legislation in their own country.

How the service works

The following information is provided for you to determine whether you are eligible to use this service. Should you consider that this is the case you will then be able  to  participate in an online consultation to see whether the online GP considers your request is appropriate.

If the online GP decides it is our service will allow you to purchase a maximum of one original pack of medication. This is normally a 3 month treatment.

What you should know about oral contraception?

You are able to become pregnant during your fertile years which is normally from when your periods start to your late 40's. The menstrual cycle (from start of your period to the next one) is normally 28 days. In the middle of the cycle ovulation occurs when an egg is released. The egg moves to the womb where it will either be fertilised or discarded with your next period. Important information to remember includes:

  • An egg can live for up to 2 days after ovulation
  • Sperm can live up to 5 days in a woman

The whole menstrual cycle is controlled by hormones in the body, the main hormones are progesterone and oestrogen. The contraceptive pill works on this control preventing ovulation and conception. Contraceptive pills are very effective if taken correctly, however, it is important to remember no contraception is 100% effective.

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