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NHS Prescriptions


NHS Prescriptions

If you would like us to dispense your NHS prescription please complete the following steps:

1. Complete and Post your Prescription

Please complete your prescription , ticking your reason for exemption or putting the cost of your prescription in the box. (Each item on your prescription costs £7.65). If you are unsure of charges please Click here to Contact Us.

Send it to the following address:

Delivery Pharmacy

CV11 5TW

Part 1
If you do not pay for your prescription please tick the correct box.
Part 2
If you pay for your prescription put the amount in the box, £7.65 per item.
Part 3
Please make sure you sign the prescription in the correct box.
NHS Prescription

On receipt of your prescription it will be dispensed and despatched on the next working day.

2. Tell us if you pay for your prescriptions:

To find out more about prescription charges click here.

Yes, I pay for my prescriptions
No, I have an exemption and do not pay for my prescriptions

3. Tell us how many items there are on your prescription:

My prescription is for items

NB: the charge will only be taken on receipt of your prescription.